The Ladies at Mansfield DPG are smashing it.

The ladies at Mansfield DPG have been smashing it in their sales figures of late. Which makes me rather proud to have been supplying them with professional photographic services. 

It's been a good few years now that I've been photographing both their premium properties, and staff portraits for Jenny and the ladies at DPG. They are a fun bunch of ladies to work with.

Jenny called me a few months ago about shooting a group portrait against a cool brick wall just around the corner from their office. The weather was a bit touch and go, but we stuck to the plan and pulled it off, without anyone getting wet. I'm looking forward to more fun portrait shoots with the team and their premium listings. 

DPG Portraits_ 3rd May 2018__0238.jpg
DPG newspaper advert.jpg
144 Malcolm St Mansfield_0036.jpg
DPG Portraits_ 3rd May 2018__0019_web.jpg