Almost 3 quarters of the way there. Winter 2017 at Mt Buller has gone so quickly.

This winter at Mt Buller has gone by so very quickly. We are just days away from the end of August which is the 3/4 mark. A lot has happened, a lot of photos have been taken, and I've not made a single post here. So time for a bit of a visual catch up on the last three months. This is Just a very small cross section of images from those 3 months that have been shot for the Mt Buller Resort. These images represent pretty much just a few of the thousands of moments that I could pick out quickly and easily this morning.

Before I know it, we'll be fully wrapped up for winter 2017 and I'll be spending more time back in Melbourne with my partner Tamara. I can tell you I'm looking forward to that. We are preparing for the arrival of a new born in November.  A new and exciting chapter for both of us. So if you have a sporting, corporate, commercial or industrial photography project in the pipeline, let me know about it soon so that we can work on planning for it. As I will soon have two hungry mouths dependent upon me to feed them, I'll need to be keeping busy with the work.  I'm very excited the coming summer and looking forward to it with much anticipation.