Commercial shoot for Bosch e-MTB systems.

Recently I was in Adelaide for the TDU (Tour Down Under) and I happened to run in to David Geen and the Bosch e-bike team who were exhibiting in the tour village. Mate, sorry I couldn't stay for a beer after the presentations, what with photographic deadlines and all.  Anyway, it was the first time I'd seen the slick product catalog for the entire Bosch e-bike range of products.   Which looks pretty darn good. Here's a couple of my images that are in the catalog.

It was about this time last summer when we did a massive one day shoot on Mt Buller and Mt Stirling, for the mountain bike category of the Australia and New Zealand e-bike catalog, exhibition displays, website and magazine advertisements.  I'd seen a couple of the advertisements during the winter in the usual MTB mags, which looked great, but the catalog came up a real treat.   I'm pretty stoked to have such a fantastic client, a wonderful location to do the shoot and some awesome talent to help me create these images for a well known international brand. Lets do it again.