4 out of 4 ain't bad in my first entry in the APPA's.

I probably should have joined the AIPP a long time ago. As opposed to finally making the move to join only less than 2 months ago. I picked up 4 silvers out of 4 images entered into the sports category of the APPA's today. APPA is the acronym for, 'Australian Professional Photography Awards", which is conducted by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers). The judging for the sports category was held this morning at the Pullman hotel in Melbourne. The image seen here of Jeff Kendal-Weed was almost a silver distinction. It was set aside for reconsideration at the end of the judging session, but sadly didn't quite get the bump up. Either way, a pretty darn good start at what is my first ever entry in either of the AIPP's State or National Awards.

Darn it Jeff, if only you'd sent it just a little bit higher. Just kidding. Anyone getting that much air on Misty Twist has my utmost respect as a rider. Hands down.